Map of City of Patterson, New Jersey

City of Paterson, New Jersey

Population: 148,678

The city of Paterson, New Jersey, is the third-largest city in the state and serves as the seat of Passaic County. It is located along major interstate thoroughfares within miles of the New York City and state borders, as well as those of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Passaic County accounts for the seventh-highest concentration of opioid treatment admissions statewide, and while the city of Paterson comprises only 29 percent of the county population, it accounts for 49 percent of all drug treatment admissions. The Paterson Police Department will convene a workgroup, composed of local public health, law enforcement, recovery specialists, and other stakeholders, which will meet monthly throughout the grant period. All partners have agreed to share data with the working group to ensure well-informed decisions. Data collected will be analyzed to conduct a problem analysis of opioid overdoses in Paterson, map all overdoses in the last three years, calculate a total sum of overdoses for each city block over the last three years, determine whether overdoses occur in a spree-like fashion or are evenly distributed over time, gather basic demographic information for all arrestees and overdose victims, analyze responses by law enforcement and other partners, and provide suggestions for next steps to all relevant agencies, individually and as a group, to identify and suggest solutions for any gaps in service. Data collected will include Narcan administrations, opioid overdose rates brought to St. Joseph’s Hospital, substance abuse treatment admission rates, ALTO program updates, overdose rates collected by ODMAP, and requests for treatment services asked of the City and any referral outcomes. Data will be collected at least every other week.